Grass Seed Dreaming  - by Barbara Weir

Purchased March 2012  120cm x 120cm

This is a detail of the beautiful work by Barbara Weir purchased from Mbantua Gallery and Cultural Museum in Alice Springs.  

After an exhaustive search by the buying committee, the purchase of this stunning indigenous painting has been made.  

Barbara Weir was born around 1945 in the Utopia region, the daughter of well known Aboriginal artist Minnie Pwerle, and a white cattle station owner.  Part of the “Stolen Generation” she was  raised in various Children's’ Homes around Australia before returning to her native Utopia region around 1960.  She then established a unique relationship with her Auntie, the world renowned Aboriginal artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye.   After Emily’s death, Barbara has concentrated on developing her skill as an artist, and soon attracted the attention of collectors by producing works that were contemporary in style, including her now famed Grass Seed paintings.

Inspired by a small grass found in Utopia called Lyaw, Munyeroo or Pigweed, Barbara’s Grass Seed paintings consist of a series of small brush strokes that overlap and weave to create her unique swaying effect.   You really can feel the grass swaying in the breeze.

The M Collection is delighted to have this new work in our collection.

Excerpts on taken from the Mbantua Gallery and Cultural Museum’s website with thanks