Bradd Westmoreland

Turning Boy, Blue Day 120 x 51cm

Oil on Linen

This stunning work was purchased at a preview of Bradd Westmoreland's exhibition "for the painted light of day".  

The following is taken from Niagara's catalogue and sums up the exhibition and Bradd's work well.

The exhibition includes beautifully prepared and executed oil paintings, harnessing the potency of pure colour and the artist's talent for depicting light and shadow. The contemplative figures included in his invented interior and exterior scenes gesture and move throughout the spaces they inhabit. They are vulnerable, naked and they offer a glimpse into an inner life. Some daydream, search, stare, others seem to be swallowed up by melancholy. The classical figures of Westmoreland's bold and intuitive works offer a fleeting glimpse at something larger and encourage further contemplation.

The work is very reminiscent of his heroes, Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso, at the same time very representative of Bradd's style.  Having watched his work for some time now, we are delighted to have this stunner in our collection.

Purchased Niagara Galleries, January 2016

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