Cressida Campbell

Unique Woodblock Print - Watercolour paint on Stonehenge paper

Blue and White Ceramics.  50 x 26 cm

This beautiful print comes from the long piece entitled The Kitchen Bench.  Cressida Campbell has a unique way of producing the most stunning art works.  The long piece is an intricately carved wood block from which she takes prints from sections of the block.  Each print is then retouched with watercolour.  Only one print is taken from each section and the print and the woodblock are available for sale.  

We couldn’t resist buying the Blue and White Ceramics from the exhibition at Sophie Gannon Gallery in November 2009, having watched Cressida Campbell’s work for some time.

Cressida Campbell is recognised as one of Australia’s most collectible artists, her work being included in many private and public collections including the British Museum in London and the National Australian Gallery in Canberra, as well as many other galleries in Australia.

Purchased from Sophie Gannon Gallery in Richmond.