Deborah Halpern

Chequered Flower

Measures 60cm x 30cmx 35cm

Deborah Halpern has been a significant Australian scluptor for many years.  

Born in Melbourne, she is known for her prominent and popular works of public art, particularly for the surreal sculptures such as Angel which was once featured in the moat of the National Gallery of Victoria (but since reloacted to Birrirung Marr) and Ophelia, which stands outside the Southgate coplex at Southbank.  Her inspiration for her work comes in part from Pablo Picasso.  Her sculptures are quintessentially associated with Victorian art and are featured in all major Australian galleries and many prominent collections.  When her latest pieces were displayed by Mossgreen Gallery we jumpted at the opportunity to acquire one of her works.  There were so many to chose from that it took quite some time before we selected "Chequered Flower".  

We believe this piece encapsulates Deborah's style with the use of vibrant ceramic tiles and shape to form an instantly recognizable example of her work.  


Purchased from Mossgreen Gallery 2012

suitable for indoor or outdoors

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