Emily Ferretti - Dreamy Tree

Oil on Linen  200 x 152.5 cm

Some members of the ‘M Collection’ were fortunate to meet Emily at the Sophie Gannon Gallery in 2008 during her ‘Wonder Catch’ exhibition.

We were excited to see such beautiful and individualistic paintings and then to hear from the artist herself.

Emily’s collection displayed images of every day items involving sporting nets, a net-ball ring, a shuttle-cock, sieves and colanders etc. Not what you would normally display on your walls! But they were beautifully executed and excitingly different and many of us knew then we had to have an ‘Emily’ in our collection. If her painting of the tyre-swing had not already been sold, we would have snapped it up.

On a recent visit to Sophie Gannon’s we were about to see a new work which was a finalist in the Darebin Art Show. It is my favourite Emily I have seen as the rendering of the paint is so wonderful and vibrant, and the image itself is so evocative of my own childhood tree house in our giant oak tree.

Purchased Sophie Gannon Gallery 2009