Ginny Grayson -

RIP 2016

67 x 95cm - Ink, pencil, gesso on paper

This stunning and thoughtful work took out second place in the 2016 M Collection Art Award and the buying committee were so taken by it, we had to acqquire it for our collection.  

In Ginny's words ...

Of all my drawings, my preference has always been for the works that at first glance look more like a dusty smudge, then the form emerges, slowly becoming recognisable.

Over time, I've come to see this, as related to an instinctual desire for the subject or object to simultaneously be there, but not there. To somehow be emerging and receding at the same time. This notion coincides, for me, with the observation of the mysterious elements that are constantly at play, when drawing from life.

Contemplating the uncertainties in life that we all face, except the certainty of death, this drawing of my parents having a nap evolved in a way that felt closer to what I find to be ineffable. It was begun a few years ago and I've recently revisited and reworked it.

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