Harley Manifold

Carlton Gardens at Night  88 x 163cm

Purchased directly from the artist


After watching Harley Manifold's work for quite a few years, and some of us purchasing our own "Harleys" we decided it was time to add one to our collection.  This one came up and was spotted on Instagram.  After we viewed it in the back of the artist's van in a carpark in Kensington, we knew it should be part of our collection.  

It shows a departure from his usual urban landacapes which feature harder edges, geometric shapes and often the iconic "Mr Boxie" and instead focuses on light, shadows and colour.  The artist wandered through the Carlton Gardens each day, seeing the scene in different light, different times of year and different weather.  A member of the M Colleciton saw this painting early on, and Instagram showed it slowly developing over time.  Layers and patience gives this painting a special quietness.  

In his words,

"Does anyone ever get anything right the first time? With paintingthough you can kind of just :feel: it, the original intention you set out with to get down, to shoot out into the world just doesn't come through so you re-do it - in this one's case, again and again and now I think I am in, or in the vague neighbourhood to finish.  It feels mostly right."

Harley Manifold is a young, energetic painter, committed to his craft who first came to our attention as an entrant in the first M Collection Art Award.  He has been shortlist for the award three times.  

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