The Rain - Quadrant 5

106 x 106 cm

Harry Nankin has the most incredible way of producing his art, called Plein Air shadowgrams.  They are essentially photography, without the camera.   Rather than use a camera to make pictures of the world, he wanted to turn the landscape itself into the camera.    He takes photographic paper into the Tasmanian bush, and sets it up on a frame under a tree, and leaves it to be exposed to leaves, grasses, even animal prints.  They are then taken back to his studio to be developed.  Of the 50 or so he sets up, he may only get a couple of images.  He has also produced similar results “photographing” wave action.  

Harry Nankin is well collected being in the NGV and the State Library.  

Purchased from Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Gertrude Street, Brunswick.