Jeremy Blincoe - Clothed in Myth

100 x 67 cm Inkjet Print - 1/10

Winner of the 2016 M Collection Art Award

A beautifully constructed and photographed work we were more than happy to add it to our collection.  

Written by Ashley Crawford, here is a brief excerpt from Jeremy's Artist Statement which helps in a very small way to understand more about this work.  

Jeremy's works are inevitably set at dusk, that non-time between light and dark, the interzone between wakefulness and slumber where the imagination tends to wander, creating chimera from shadows. Set in the Victorian wilderness, he drapes his actors in garb that he himself designs, creating a sense of arcane ritual that give one pause. However the real 'stars' of these fabulous tableaux are in fact the settings: Regardless of the activities undertaken, with their hints of religious ritual, it is nature itself that dominates, almost belittling the human participants. The result is a sense of the surreal.

Blincoe titled this series 'The Myth of Progress.' It is unfortunately an apt title, for the word 'progress' suggests improvements or developments, a 'myth' indeed when one begins to take for granted a world in which the very climate seems hell bent on global devastation due to human indifference to the world in which it lives.  

Clothed in Myth is from the series, the Myth of Progress and we are delighted to have it in our collection.  

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