Jessica Paige

The Polar Bear Takes an Iceberg : I Tried to Think of a Lonelier Thing Than any I had Seen

French Ink and watercolour on paper

75cm x 52cm

We were alerted to Jessica’s work by a substantial piece written about her work that appeared in the Arts section of Saturdays Age. On viewing the entire exhibition we immediately responded to the whimsical nature her body of work and also to her skill using the medium of indigo ink, brush and nib pen on paper. All of the works in the exhibition titled 'Even while the earth sleeps we travel' depict a journey that has been embarked upon out of desire, curiosity or necessity.

The piece that we purchased "I Tried to Think of a Lonelier Thing Than any I had seen"  (which is a quote from Emily Dickinson) and depicts the Polar Bear on her journey to find a mate. She takes with her all the simple essentials needed for her search. The practicality of the parasol as it shades the ice block, with its incongruously oriental origin, leaves you to ponder the complexity of both the journey and the bear.  

This beautiful statement comes with the painting

The Polar Bear wanders the earth,

Searching for a place to keep her iceberg.

She hopes one day she can raise a family.

Purchased from the Light Factory Gallery 2013

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