John Young

Buddha's Ray III

Oil on Linen 190cm x 150

Purchased from Arc One Gallery, April 2016


This breathtakingly stunning work of John Youngs was seen perchance at Arcone on one of our lovely meandering art walks down Flinders Lane. John Young had long been on the “wish list” of many in the group. His beautifully intriguing work kept beckoning. It was clearly karma that Buddha’s Ray 111 had arrived and lay ready for unveiling in Arcones’ stockroom.


A flight between Frankfurt and Berlin inspired John Young to make the works that form part of this series. Young says “ On the plane , I saw a perfectly round rainbow on top of the clouds which followed me from city to city. In Chinese, the name of such a phenomenon is called Buddha’s Ray”. Young has used digital technology to transfer photographic images into psychedelic abstract “drawings”.


Held in the collection of The National Gallery of Australia and every other major State and regional Australian Gallery as well as many overseas Galleries and private collections, John Young is one of the M Collections more established artists.


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