Bokito - When I Laugh, He Laughs with me.

Lisa Roet


December 2014

The gorgeous Bokito made a surprise visit to our Christmas party in 2014 and Lisa was there to witness the unveiling.  

Bokito himself was a gorilla who Lisa first met as a baby from the Berlin Zoo.  The gorilla keeper was hand raising him in his apartment and Lisa lived in the same building.  She followed his progress when as an adolescent he moved to the Rotterdam Zoo.  The story goes that a woman came to visit the gorillas in the zoo 3 - 4 days every week.  She was fascinated by Bokito and came to think she had some connection with him.  When he jumped the moat separating him  from the visitors he grabbed the woman and bit her all over, many times.  It was a bit unclear what his intention was, but when she was asked why she visits him so often, appearing to torment him, her answer was “when I laugh, he laughs with me”.  Hence the name of the piece.  

Bokito now lives peacefully in Rotterdam Zoo, with just the usual type of visitors, he has fathered several baby gorillas and continues to be a loved member of the gorilla community, and his likeness, meticulously sculpted and cast in bronze is a loved member of our collection.

Purchased Karen Woodbury Gallery, December 2014

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