Marian Drew

Penguin with Enamel Jug  112 x 134cm

Digital image printed on German etching paper with archival pigments.

For her 2009 show, Marian Drew collected Australian embroidery cloth and wildlife.  The embroidered cloths were selected for varying references to past Australian periods.  Some extremely delicate and beautiful, others ‘well to do’ linen, to working class tea towels.   The fabric here, lies in such delicate folds framing the penguin.

Her ‘finds’ are taken back to the studio where she creates sensitive still life settings, beautifully lit and perfectly arranged.  This particular penguin was found by Dianne Tanzer on Portsea back beach.  The final works are large scale, larger than life crisp images.  Marian Drew hopes to draw attention to the value and beauty of these animals and acknowledge the relationship these animals have to our present lives.

Purchased from Dianne Tanzer Gallery, May 2010