Michael Cook

Broken Dreams #4

Inkjet Print edition #8

100cm x 124cm

From the Uninhabited Exhibition

Michael Cook is creating quite a sensation in the art world after bursting onto the scene when he won an National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Art Award in 2008 and again in 2011. His work is confronting and questions the history and relationship between Aboriginals and the rest of the Australian community.

When we first viewed his two series of photographs 'Broken Dreams' and 'unDiscovered' at  Dianne Tanzer Gallery, the problem for the buying committee was what to select out of the 20 on offer. After much discussion and lively debate we settled on two. The complete set of both photographic series have been collected by public ¬†galleries and universities across Australia, a testament to the significance of his work. Articles in Art Almanac, Art Monthly among others confirm his rising status and we will watch with interest his development.


Purchased from Dianne Tanzer Gallery