Michael Peck

The Trapper

Oil on Linen - 190x 166 cm

Whilst on one of our regular art walks we were fortunate to inquire at Metro whether they had any new works of Michael Peck. We have been following his work since the 2011 exhibition ‘The Landing’ and whilst we loved his style and skill, it was the use child images with often haunting adult themes that drew us to him.

We were in luck as two jpeg images of new works, still in his studio, had arrived that morning. With quick but careful deliberation we secured a ‘hold’ on ‘The Trapper’ until we could view the painting in the gallery.

A week later it was a unanimous decision to purchase the painting, as it is a breath-taking piece.

Six months later we returned the piece to the gallery for the ‘love and fear’ exhibition knowing our boy belonged to us.

The following is an excerpt from the Love and Fear exhibition catalogue

There is an uncanny ambiguity as to the intent of his child subjects. The intensity of their concentration is mesmerising but the question lingers: are they innocents engaged in the imaginary games of childhood or survivalists adapting to a world without adult supervision and denied the luxury of play?

Peck’s works embody a photographic stillness suggesting a caught moment in the midst of flurried action. There is a calm that belies the activity within, children’s hands, birds’ wings and flowing creeks all temporarily stilled.

The artist’s works raise questions about childhood and innocence, about the relationship between culture and nature and progress and conflict. The beauty lies in the absence of a clear answer, the works open up a plethora of possibilities and leave the audience the freedom to seek their own answer

Purchased May 2013 from Metro Gallery

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