Salt 8 - Edition 5/7

120 x 150cm

We said we wouldn’t buy photography this year .... but when we saw this series of photos of Lake Eyre, there was little doubt that one was worthy of inclusion in our collection.

Murray Fredericks had spent years traveling through Europe taking stunning photos of Middle Eastern deserts and the Himalayas.  

His recent body of work, the SALT series is in its seventh year.  The artist camps in solitude at Lake Eyre for weeks at a time, recording  the empty “wasteland” of the region in Central Australia.  Its quite a departure from the complex mountain landscapes of his years of traveling.  

His short film which accompanies this photograph recently won the prize for best short film at the prestigious International Documentary Association awards in Los Angeles.

He is represented by galleries in Melbourne, Sydney and London, and is in many collections including the NGV and the private collection of Sir Elton John.

Purchased from Arc One Gallery in Flinders Lane.