Naomi Troski


50 x 60 x 50

Aluminium, powder coated

After selecting the winner for the 2015 M Collection Art Award, the Buying Committee couldn’t go past this beautiful sculpture by Naomi Troski, also entered for the award.  The ribbon effect is soft and smooth, and it leads the eye over its curves and shadows.

In Naomi’s own words, here is her artist statement

Parhelion is a sculptural work that is an expression of the temporal shifts in light and colour that are experienced in nature. Elemental changes that take place over the course of a day effect perceived contours, shapes and silhouettes.

Contrasting moments in light intensity illuminate surfaces and may seemingly alter their substance. Shadows tremble and colours vibrate, surface textures alter and oscillating shadows impact on perceived dimensions and boundaries. The ephemeral changes may be dramatic or subtle given that the intrinsic conditions are not fixed. The beauty and drama produces a visceral response. These phenomena have in turn inspired the individual form.

A single ribbon of aluminium is hand rolled and then powder coated to produce a glossy surface. Composed from a series of curves and cones, the complex form produces reflections and shadows that bounce around the interior and radiate outwards in a series of light waves. The temporal work becomes one of similarity and difference. The work establishes a relationship between the viewer and the object - of what is seen with what is known. It is an invitation to connect natural phenomena with what is occurring. It is a work of presence, time and memory.

Purchased September 2015

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