Peter Lambropoulos

Water Damaged Selfie - Archival pigment print on photo rag

85 cm x 57 cm

This amazing art work was the winner of our inaugural M Collection Art Award.  The Award began as a way of supporting unrepresented or emerging artists, as well as having access to some of these artists we couldn’t find in galleries.  Of 130 fantastic entries and a shortlist of 39, Peter’s was a stand out work which we are delighted to add to our collection.

Peter’s Artist Statement is below

The hydrothermograph sits on a plinth in the corner taking its

readings.  The dual needles plot their measurements as time passes.

It is a slow undulating dance that is going to spike with all these people in here.

I wish the gallery was a bit quieter so I could take it all in.  I

fantasise that I set the sprinklers off in the gallery with a match.

I want to force a mass evacuation of the space - just like in the

movies - leaving me here alone with the dripping wet works.

Destroyed by water I am cooled.

By destroying this work, I notice a new work created in its stead.  It is

watery colour.  This damage needs to be documented.  It needs to be

photorgaphed, measured and kept.

This new image is intrinsically linked to the old.  Forever entwined.

I move in closer for a look.

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