Sam Martin - Spectator Frieze

Acrylic on Canvas 86cm x 86cm

Purchased from Arc One Gallery,  2012


It was a card publicising the exhibition of Sam Martin's work at Arc One Gallery which first attracted the attention of the Buying Committee.

Of the three paintings used on the card advertising the exhibition, one was of particular interest. "Spectator Frieze" continued to impress when we viewed it at close quarters prior to the opening of Sam's first solo show. It made us wonder about the process used and thinking behind it.  Sam arrived unexpectedly  and explained his reasoning and technique in  terms of layers of a photo with people and places stretched and distorted and then adjusted for movement. This was a rare opportunity  to have an artist explain his work in such detail and thereby enrich our appreciation of it. More than half of his paintings sold at this show, a testament to Sam's broader appeal.

Recently graduating from Monash University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) Sam is certainly an impressive emerging artist and we will watch his development with interest.