Stuart Ringholt

Photo Collages

Above Left : Page 29, 2005 State Proof 1/1 Rick Lazio

Right: Page 68, 2005 ed. 2/6 Senator Ted Kennedy and Sons

Each measures 39 x 31 cm, framed separately

Stuart Ringholt’s photographs are quirky in the extreme.  He is known as an artist to “make art of the awkward and uncomfortable”.

Stuart uses many different mediums; photography, videos, instillations and live performances.

When visiting Anna Schwartz Gallery’s stockroom in 2009 we were introduced to Stuart’s work. The first image of Rick Lazio, ( the State Proof  ) was used for the invitations and promotion for the exhibition and could be regarded as an iconic Stuart Ringholt work. The second photograph, ‘Ted Kennedy and Sons” completed the ‘pair’ and helps show the circular collage technique used in this body of work.  The phtographs were taken by Stuart from Time Magazine, and manipulated to give his trademark result.

Purchased Anna Schwarts Gallery