Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Walkinkarra - Lake Mackay 2012

122 x 107

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri came into Kiwirrkura in 1984.  Prior to this he had been living in country to the west of Lake Mackay along with eight other members of his immediate family who lived a traditional nomadic life.  He was roughly 25 at this time and he commenced painting in 1987, working with the Papunya Tula, initially practicing under the tutelage of other artists.   His entire first exhibition in 1988 was acquired by the NGV and  it showed eleven of his paintings.  Warlimpirrnga paints abstract images of sacred stories and songs from his family's Dreaming and they focus around the Tingari, the ancestors of the Pintupi, spirit beings who are believed to have created all living things.  His work has since been collected by a number of other public institutions both in Australia and overseas.  

His story attracted international attention with his first exibition as he had been living such a nomadic traditional life.  When he saw a white man for the first time he couldn't believe it, thinking he was a devil, a bad spirit.  He thought him the colours of clouds at sunrise.  

We were keen to add an indigenous artwork to our collection and were delighted to find this stunning work which pulses and breathes with life  at Scott Livesey Galleries in 2014.

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